Our Services

Access UK provides a diverse selection of services to help get young adults into employment and training.

screen-shot-2013-09-17-at-2-52-33-pm.pngCareers Guidance:

Access UK provides careers support and guidance for 18-24 year olds in the community. The bulk of our employability services are  delivered on an outreach basis whether it's your local job or community centre. We will match you up with the right job, advice or training which suits your needs and experience at all times.

Business & Enterprise Support:

Access UK provides the conditions and support to enable young entrepreneurs, to realise their potential and ambitions.

Access UK will signpost our future Bill Gates or Aliko Dangote, to reputable business and enterprise consultants, throughout the UK.


Are you looking for an apprenticeship or work placement?
Would you like to start a specific course which you cannot fund?
Perhaps you would like to earn whilst you learn.

What ever your training needs are, come and speak to one of our experienced consultants and we can point you in the right direction.


Access UK can refer you for a number of apprenticeships and traineeships of your choice.
Please contact us to discuss the options that are available to you.


Access UK delivers a number of weekly workshops to give you the added support you need to access jobs and training of your choice.

These workshops include: 'Effective Job search methods', 'Confidence and Motivation' 'Interview Skills' and 'In-Work Etiquette'.

Graduate job brokerage services:

With black graduates up to three times more likely to be unemployed than white graduates, there is a real need to correct this inequality within the British labour market.

AccessUK acts as an intermediary between the employer who is looking for quality BME employees and the BME graduate who is looking for employment.
AccessUK also helps BME students to identify job opportunities in Africa, the Caribbean and Asia. We have gone global with our solutions to address BME graduate unemployment. If you are willing to explore your options we will support you with the whole process of relocating and working abroad.

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Black History Classes:

Access UK is a strong advocate of applying psychology and psychological methods to the delivery of frontline employability services.

We believe the mind and self identification, supersedes everything in life. Access UK will therefore, provide history lessons as a part of our general employability programme.


Helping to re-educate our youth and positively affecting their mindset, will undoubtedly boost their confidence, self esteem, motivation and ultimately their ability to succeed in the wider society.


Access UK aims to provide a holistic service which works collaboratively with external agencies and organisations. These external agencies will offer a plethora of services and specialist support ranging from housing advice to mental well being. 
We cannot achieve everything on our own and we believe this is an essential element of our service delivery model, connecting local people with the appropriate  services to get that additional support and guidance you need. There are far too many complementary services that are currently under utilised in the community.

Access UK will operate as a conduit or hub, where we can refer service users to other agencies and organisations.

Community Approved:

Access UK liaises with local community leaders to ensure our partners provide the right support for our clients. The services we partner with are only organisations that the community recognise as quality service providers.

CV Writing:

AccessUK will make a pledge to either create a CV or CV proforma with our service users within 4 weeks of joining our programme.
Clients can look forward to creating a CV that represents them and is tailored to reflect their own interests and uniqueness.

Employer Services:

Access UK offers a professional and competitively priced recruitment services on behalf of clients. We work closely with employers and our beneficiaries to ensure they are well matched and employ a dedicated consultant to identify local and national employers who share Access UK's passion for diversity and our commitment to help more BAME youths into employment and training. 

Reasons why employers should use the services of Access UK:

  • Gain access to our large database of qualified and non qualified BME job seekers.
  • Access UK provides pre-employment training for every client to ensure that they move seamlessly into employment.
  • We help businesses to improve their staff diversity by providing highly qualified and skilled BME candidates.
  • Your business can source local talent within the communities you operate in, with a reduced risk, guaranteed by Access UK’s talent pool sifting process.

Gang Mediation:

  • 77% of known gang members in London are reputedly black males.
  • 80% of violent crime that is committed against a Black male is committed by a another Black male.
  • Black Males are three times more likely to be imprisoned for an identical crime that is committed by a white offender.

It's about time we critically analysed these statistics and asked the question of why.

Access UK is one of a select group of careers practitioners that offer tailored gang mediation services to address this important but sensitive issue. We refuse to ignore the elephant in the room as young black lives are cut short on a daily basis. Generic mainstream interventions only tackle the aesthetics of the gang problem and are therefore destined to continually fail to have any real long lasting impact.(Please review Access UK's "Programmes" page to get more information).

Our Mission


Access UK aims to provide community based careers and education solutions to address youth unemployment and offending across the capital


Our main objective is to help reduce BME youth unemployment, provide training and employment solutions for ex-offenders and implement gang prevention initiatives.


Connecting local youths with local mentors as a means of preventing crime and providing employment and careers guidance.

Enabling Youth Enterprise

Building strong business training links to help BME youths set up their own enterprises.