About Us

Access UK is a charitable organisation that was founded in 2014, as a voice for the million or more youths who are currently unemployed in the UK, particularly Black and Minority Ethnic NEETs (Not in Employment, Education or Training).

Our main objective is to help reduce BME youth unemployment, provide employment and training solutions for youth offenders and implement anti-gang initiatives in the community.
Government and independent statistical analysis of UK BME youth unemployment figures, has consistently shown a huge disparity in the employment rates of white and BME job seekers. This problem is particularly acute amongst black youths who are twice if not more likely, to be unemployed than their fellow white job seekers (1/2 unemployed).
This trend in BME youth unemployment can no longer be ignored, economically or morally justified. If the youth are considered to be our 'future' what kind of future can they expect to have if this divisive trend is not reversed? The socio-economic implications are too horrendous to contemplate.

Carpetright_store_after_Tottenham_riots.jpgThe riots of 2011, gave us a glimpse of the consequences of youth services neglect-The question Access UK would like to pose is whether the riots would have taken place in the first instance if the youth felt they had a genuine voice, a stake in their communities or a realistic chance of finding employment. 

The issue of BME unemployment is literally a socio-economic time bomb waiting to explode amidst our great and multi-cultural society. Access UK, believes that almost all youth socio economic challenges in the UK are linked to two fundamental principles of Education and Economics. If we can positively affect the mind set of the youth by promoting and advocating programmes that are empowering and also provide a means for youths to support themselves and their families, we will have a much greater ability to cultivate social harmony and cohesion in our economically disadvantaged areas. 

There is simply no better antidote to the plethora of youth problems that we face today in the UK than jobs creation and education. All current social and economic data substantiates Access UK’s belief that mainstream providers are at a loss to provide credible and tailored interventions to deal with the particular issues of BME unemployment, ex-offenders and gangs. 

We aim to provide community based innovative and progressive solutions to tackle youth unemployment across the capital. Moreover, Access UK has identified the root causes of high BME unemployment and thereby developed a programme which incorporates the solutions to these specific problems. This is a fundamental and significant difference in our delivery model. 

We have highly experienced staff that have a great wealth of experience in youth unemployment and careers guidance.

Access UK believes in a fair and just society where all youths irrespective of their class or ethnic background have an equal opportunity to achieve their goals and ambitions.

Help us to help the youth realise their potential and access the inaccessible. 
Access UK

Our Mission


Access UK aims to provide community based careers and education solutions to address youth unemployment and offending across the capital


Our main objective is to help reduce BME youth unemployment, provide training and employment solutions for ex-offenders and implement gang prevention initiatives.


Connecting local youths with local mentors as a means of preventing crime and providing employment and careers guidance.

Enabling Youth Enterprise

Building strong business training links to help BME youths set up their own enterprises.